Impact Monterey County Network
2018-2021 Strategic Plan ​

“There is an awareness that to the extent that there is a network ‘center’ it is about being in service of and helping to connect the whole, as well as bring in the ‘periphery;’ there is an emphasis on contribution and creating value over deferring to credentials and the usual suspects; people lead with a spirit of openness; and there is an overall effort towards growing the pie, not just carving it up into smaller pieces.” 


Together, a healthy, safe, and thriving Monterey County


- To provide an ‘umbrella’ under which collaboratives, programs, and institutions are aligning their work with the priority areas

- To work collaboratively to spotlight key strategic efforts and common outcomes across our communities



  • Relationships are based on respect, caring, cultural sensitivity, and fairness
  • Everyone works together to foster a connected and engaged community
  • Community voices drive the design and implementation of services and policies


At the systems level, the IMC Network provides the vision, passion, leadership, and awareness to prioritize and sustain efforts to ensure long-term commitment for achieving the community’s vision. 

At the operational level, the IMC Network provides the infrastructure and staffing to support connections across multiple sectors; develops and supports co-creators and their partners; conducts marketing and outreach to engage new partners; provides the communications link; supports collaborative efforts to fundraise and to measure the impact of local efforts. 

At the capacity building level, the IMC Network brokers and provides resources to collective impact initiatives leading change efforts around the four community priorities and promotes and supports collaboration across a network of community partners.

Support Systems Change Efforts to Achieve Vision

• 1.1 Support cross-sectoral collaboration within and across the four focus areas
• 1.2 Shift systems to bring greater equity to our communities
• 1.3 Continuously improve strategy maps and scorecards to measure progress against outcomes
and identify equity gaps
• 1.4 Use strategy maps and scorecards to track trends and changes toward community 

Plan for and Support Periodic Aspirational Reassessment

2.1 Engage and support authentic community engagement practices as part of assessments
• 2.2 Bring feedback loops into community assessments so that community sees how their input 
is utilized
• 2.3 Assist in coordination of assessment efforts (IMC or others) so that they happen periodically 
and are mutually supportive
• 2.4 Report annually on progress toward community outcomes represented in scorecards 

Strengthen Collective Impact Approaches and Develop Tools and Opportunities

3.1 Identify and strengthen key skills, knowledge and approaches that will further our practices
• 3.2 Support efforts to broadly disseminate and implement collective impact-related skills, 
knowledge, and approaches
• 3.3 Develop tools to support partners use data to improve outcomes 

Build Network Stability and Awareness

• 4.1 Recruit and retain members
• 4.2 Develop and implement useful communication and collaboration tools 

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