Krista Hanni, Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Manager at Monterey County Health Department

“I have used the LCT training and tools to incorporate a values driven approach to my work with Impact Monterey County and also provide a greater focus on outcomes and impact in our Department’s Health in All Policies work. LCT has inspired me to be more courageous in my actions and more deliberate in empowering those around me. I have also found it a great complement to the training and tools I’ve been exposed to through our county’s Governing for Racial Equity Initiative."

Kaki Rusmore, Director, Center for Nonprofit Excellence at the Community Foundation for Monterey County 

"LCT has helped me bring a greater focus on creating positive, sustainable, equitable change to my work and provided me with tools to help make that happen.  Returning regularly to the core values that guide my work helps build my leadership and helps me build the leadership of those around me."

Michael Applegate, Data and Research Partnership Manager, Bright Futures Education Partnership Manager 

"LCT provided a great opportunity to bring together leaders across numerous sectors to see where our values align and how we might collectively change systems to achieve positive results that impact people’s lives throughout our County."

Don Lane, Santa Cruz City Councilmember

“LCT helped me to be more bold and more focused as I partnered with others to transform how our community takes on the challenge of homelessness. It has also given me a new framework and useful tools that are helping me speak about values in the public sphere. No matter what the issue you are working with, LCT can make a real difference in your effectiveness and clarity. I was surprised at how many practical tools were offered. I was not just inspired-- I was ready to implement a plan of action. The entire experience was highly energizing.”

Keisha Frost, President and CEO, United Way of Santa Cruz County

“I am a paradigm shifter. I act in courage. I stand for dignity. LCT provided crucial transformational language to my leadership and work at United Way – This shifted the lens of my fund development outputs from check-marks toward monetary goals to operating for impact and shifting social conditions through my fund development expertise. LCT was instrumental in the development of my “Funding For Impact” model – it is driving change through intentional alignment and opening the space for donors to invest in community impact. My journey with LCT shakes up “business as usual” and continues to provide endless opportunities to do things differently.

Kirsten Liske, Vice President of Community Programs, Ecology Action

“What I’ve learned in LCT is that when I start from what I am most passionate about and connect my words, actions and plans to my deepest values, their impact is truly transformative. This seems simple but I was surprised at how far away I was from practicing that regularly, even in my social change work. This new grounding and approach is very energizing and invites space for others to shine, contribute and lead from their passion too. I'm stoked and looking forward to continue to learn and grow with LCT practices with so many other awesome leaders in our community.”

Phil Kramer, Interim Executive Director, Homeless Services Center

"LCT provided me with new tools - a process methodology, and language framework - for tackling seemingly intractable and vexing community issues. With these tools we created a county-wide "All In" strategic plan to end homelessness, which was approved and supported by local government officials. LCT helped me find my voice, and listen in a new way. At times my feelings of injustice and anger would get in the way of true dialogue. LCT helps me express my personal passion in a way that builds a bridge of common ground, creating space for unexpected new alliances and collaboration."

Fernando Giraldo, Chief of Probation, Santa Cruz County

"To be a courageous leader, one that can transform systems, and be a game changer, you need to be firm in what you stand for, unafraid and bold. When you commit to your stand, action is inevitable. You must acknowledge your fears, but can't let them hold you back; once this occurs you are free to achieve your greatness. LCT helped me firmly stand behind what I believe my role is in promoting justice and equity in our community. It helped me realize that being a good leader is about being trusted to bring results. LCT has helped me to be a game changer."

Monica Martinez, Executive Director, Encompass Community Services

"LCT has taught me the art of meeting day-to-day needs in our community while simultaneously changing the large scale systems they grew from, and this skill has helped to deepen Encompass Community Services' impact in Santa Cruz County. Building on our strong direct service experience, we are moving our focus to the root causes that bring people in our doors in the first place. We are identifying and addressing the inequities that exist in our community. I frequently recommend LCT to my community partners because providing excellent services is no longer adequate, we need to work together to transform the systems that keep these disparities intact."

Jacob Martinez, Founder & Executive Director, Digital Nest

"LCT was an instrumental part in the creation of the Digital NEST. The NEST was an idea in my head and through LCT became an idea grounded in principles of equality and justice. LCT provided me with a community of peers that encouraged and believed in me throughout the entire program. I graduated from that first stage with an inner strength that I still draw upon when things are challenging. The biggest surprise for me was how much I was able to connect with so many people here in the community. I made some lifelong friends during my time in LCT”

Mireya Gomez, Program Director of Day Labor Center, Community Action Board

"After LCT I interact more intentionally with people and the task in front of me. I regained hope but not like I've been able to do at other trainings. LCT allows me to be the me I want to be, making the change I want to make, and in collaboration with those I strategically choose to work with. LCT can expand a person's capacity to think AND DO beyond their current reach. LCT helps someone carry out their work more smoothly and easily. At least that's how it feels to me. It also allows for someone to capitalize on mistakes in ways that are simply productive. LCT inspires reflection and action."

Lauren Walters, Regional Program Manager at Planned Parenthood