Strategies and Measures

Strategies and Measures

Economic Self-Sufficiency

Educational Achievement



Strategy Maps are a tool that is designed to help organizations throughout Monterey County collaborate to improve economic self-sufficiency, educational achievement, the overall quality of life in their communities, and the health and well-being of all in the county. Strategies and measures displayed in the maps represent the work of many initiatives and collaboratives in the county, including: Gonzales Youth 21st Century Success Initiative (GY21CSI), Bright Beginnings, Bright Futures, Community Alliance for Safety and Peace (CASP), Health in All Policies, Monterey County Collaborates, and Monterey County Gang Violence Prevention Initiative. Click the links above to see the top level maps. We are currently working on adding the descriptive content for each strategy area so that the maps will represent all the great work being done across Monterey County. Please join us in being a co-creator and help to further develop this tool by sharing what you and/or your agency is working on! To learn more, please contact Clare Margason at