Primary Data Search

Primary Data Search

Percent of Adult and Youth Respondents by Geographic Area

Impact Monterey County (IMC) used primary data as part of its approach to zero-in on community aspirations, conducting a survey for both adults and youth to surface community aspirations and understand common challenges. More than 4,300 adults and 2,800 youth in Monterey County were surveyed (percentage breakdown of survey respondents by zipcode pictured above). Instead of coming from a place of deficit, IMC asked people their hopes for the future, gaining a unique insight into the dreams and realities of a variety of community members. Using this approach, IMC has been able to articulate a vision of the Monterey County people WANT to live in. The vision, values and priorities residents shared are what unites Monterey County residents across diverse communities and tells the story of a county more similar than it is different. 

Links to primary survey data cross-tabulating responses by demographics, residence, and a variety of population characeristics are published below and can be used to inform further work throughout Monterey County. IMC data should be thought of as a flashlight, shining a light on opportunities for improvements and on existing bright spots. The data do not analyze or evaluate any one system or program. 

Adult Survey Findings - click on the links for interactive data stories!

Education Economic Self-Sufficiency Health Safety
Aspirations for Children's Educational Achievement Retirement Aspirations Community Health Concerns Community Engagement Methods
Opinions and Ability to Pay for Childcare Satisfaction with Financial Situation and Ability to Pay for Regular Expenses Opinions and Ability to Pay for Health Insurance Community Safety Concerns
Educational Aspirations Household Demographics of Adult Survey Respondents    

        Youth Survey Findings - click on the links for interactive data stories!

Education Economic Self-Sufficiency Health Safety
Education Aspirations and Obstacles Employment and Career Goals Community Health Concerns Community and School Safety Concerns


    Community Engagement Methods

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The data shown from IMC are intended for the purpose of learning and continuous improvement around shared community goals.  These data are a reflection on the entire county, which shares accountability for current the reality and for future results.  They are not, and cannot be used, as evidence of the success or failure of one particular program, organization, or population - and they should not be used in public or media communications without full and complete context, citation and clear acknowledgement of the broadly shared accountability for results.

 Inquiries for more specific data can be e-mailed to Clare Margason at clare.margason@unitedwaymcca.orgData requests for analyses outside of the scope of the online system can also be submitted for consideration. Those requests for data in line with IMC goals and capacity will be processed.  Attribution to the IMC Assessments will be expected and specific citation language will be provided. All data provided will be on the aggregate level with the criterion that cell counts of individual responses must be 15 or larger.