IMC Network

IMC Network

What is the IMC Network?

On July 1, 2016, the Impact Monterey County Network decision to support Collective Impact was established. The goals of the IMC Network are:

  • Assess- To assess and measure important community needs.
  • Collaborate- To identify other community assessments and use existing data to ensure efficiencies and to streamline IMC.
  • Align- To align stakeholders toward common goals and measurements that improve conditions for all.
  • Implement/Take Action- To establish a common agenda for addressing specific issues impacting communities throughout Monterey County and to take reasonable steps towards accomplishing said agenda.
  • Measure/Sustain- To establish a plan to measure progress made toward the common agenda and to continue the assessment process at regular intervals going forward.

How did this network come to be?

IMC started as an idea of the staff at United Way Monterey County (UWMC). UWMC, like other United Way branches, has long believed in the importance of using data to make decisions about how resources are best allocated. In the past, however, UWMC has only been able to conduct smaller, more localized assessments. When an opportunity arose to get a sizeable, one-time grant from Capital One, UWMC staff leapt at the chance to expand their vision and bring in a number of other organizations, both private and public sector, to join in on a much larger project, which has evolved into Impact Monterey County.

In Phase I, IMC was coordinated by a steering committee composed of a cross-sector collaboration of individuals and institutions. Under the steering committee, there were 5 different operations teams supporting their work.

In Phase II, IMC was coordinated by the Phase II Task Force, again composed of a cross-sector collaboration of individuals and institutions, this time with three operations teams supporting their efforts.

In Phase III, our Phase III Task Force analyzed the data that we have collected and prepared foraction. These activities were supported by three operations teams: Data, Communications, and Sustainability.