Data, Research & Analysis Team

Data, Research & Analysis Team

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Role of the Data, Research & Analysis Team

The Data, Research & Analysis (DRA) Team consists of individuals with expertise in (a) analyzing and drawing conclusions from data, (b) selecting indicators and measuring outcomes, and (c) designing assessments. These individuals will be familiar with reputable data sources and will be sensitive to the cultural nuances that should be considered in designing assessment questions and methods.

DRA Team members are responsible for:

  • Reviewing secondary data results to identify and recommend community indicators
  • Reviewing primary data results to identify trends/themes
  • Developing assessment questions and methods, including “reality checking”
  • Establishing community and target population goals
  • Monitoring community participation goals
  • Meeting with the Community Engagement Team to vet assessment questions/methods and receive feedback on analysis of data
  • Drafting a common agenda, including bold community goals, tracking indicators and metrics
  • Reporting to the IMC Steering Committee

Data, Research, & Analysis (DRA) Team Members

Chair:  Krista Hanni, Ph.D., Monterey County Health Department

  • Colleen Beye, Supervisor Jane Parker’s Office
  • Mike Borgeson, Monterey County Department of Social Services
  • Kathie Cain, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Veronica Chukwuemeka, Ed.D., Cal State University Monterey Bay
  • Natalie Cox, Supervisor Jane Parker’s Office/MIIS student
  • Teresa Dawber, CTB/McGraw-Hill
  • Jeffrey Dayton-Johnson, Ph.D., Monterey Institute of International Studies
  • David Dobrowski, First 5 Monterey County
  • Carol Galginaitis, Head Start Monterey County
  • Molly Hubbard, Monterey County Health Department
  • Larry Imwalle, ACTION Council
  • Charlotte Noyes, Community Volunteer
  • Janet Shing, Community Foundation for Monterey County
  • Patricia Zerounian, Monterey County Health Department

Project Manager:  Kate Mitchell Mehle, United Way Monterey County