Bright Futures Education Partnership

Bright Futures Education Partnership

Bright Futures aims to accomplish 7 main goals for our community. Click here to learn more about these goals and their indicators. 

Goal 1: Early Care & Education
Children have access to quality, affordable early care and education.

Goal 2: Kinder-Ready
Children are prepared for kindergarten.

Goal 3: Language & Literacy
Children read and write on grade-level in elementary school.

Goal 4: Critical Thinking
Middle school students collaborate to solve real world problems by applying critical thinking, math and technology.

Goal 5: Youth Connectedness
Youth experience caring relationships, high expectations and meaningful engagements.

Goal 6: College/Training Ready
High school grads are prepared for college or job training and are supported to pursue their career aspirations.

Goal 7: Career Pathways
Young adults complete a career pathway, program or degree that qualifies them to enter a promising career.