Welcome to Leadership for Community Transformation!

Leadership for Community Transformation (LCT) was launched to help create a County that thrives with opportunity and shared prosperity for all.  In order to do this, we need systems oriented leaders and initiatives that can move beyond siloed or competitive efforts to work across sectors and organizations, with the courage to change the status quo and move beyond traditional authority structures. This change requires collaborative and aligned efforts that foster leadership, grow power at all levels and develop a shared understanding of the complex issues we are working to address.  LCT has the power to put this change into action.

Communities with the capacity and connectivity to create the impacts they envision, design breakthrough approaches to addressing community challenges, and produce powerful results.

A learning-in-action program for leaders and changemakers that equips participants  with the practices necessary to produce extraordinary results for systemic and equitable individual, organizational and community change.


  • Build the skills, knowledge, competency and inner-capacity of participants to design and produce sustainable social change.
  • Combine core concepts of Collective Impact as well as the leadership, civic engagement and project design skills for large scale social change
  • Outline the Conscious Full-Spectrum approach to create a cohesive strategy for creating sustainable change. 
  • Source common values that lend themselves to manifesting our goals, creating a container of community engagement that shifts the way we create results.
  • Become a system oriented leader moving beyond siloed, individual or competitive efforts and work across organizations and sectors to transcend the status quo.
  • Move passion into action through practical principles and tools for shifting systems and norms for equitable sustainable change.
  • Build partnerships and connect action to create measurable short and long term results.
  • Launch communication practices for creating a new narrative about economic opportunity.
  • Personal leadership development, tapping into and unleashing the powerful systems change leader in all of us and supporting others to do the same.
  • Activate and connect each initiative’s/community efforts’ contributions to create exponential change.
  • Transform how we do everyday activities – meetings, fundraising, communications, planning – to move the equity agenda forward.


  • Leaders and/or Change Agents working toward creating equity and economic opportunity in Monterey County.
  • People who are deeply invested in the wellbeing and prosperity of our entire community
  • Participants thrive when they are willing to start with a beginner’s mind, are committed to equity and social justice, and value systems thinking.

Participants will bring to the program a project, ideally in the context of something they are already working on, that they hope will impact our community’s quality of life. In addition to the intensive sessions, participants will be paired with two other participants for a weekly call between sessions to further learning and accountability to practice of what is learned. The expectation is that participants will continue after the program to use the knowledge, capacities and project design skills in the community for positive change.


  • February 18-20 /  9-5pm each day 
  • March 23-25 / 9-5pm each day
  • April 27-29 / 9-5pm each day

Attendance at all sessions is required


Part 1: Being the Potential - Launching Change
This session examines who we are as community leaders and our shared values. We then explore our work through the three components of sustainable change: solving problems, shifting systems and activating potential.

Part 2: Being the Architect - Designing Change

In this session we work on designing our projects and aligning grants and strategic plans to simultaneously solve problems, shift systems and activate our own and our community’s potential for change. We will explore how to plan differently to create the impact we want to see. Questions we'll as include: What are the different stages of leadership development? How do we talk about the change we want to create and enroll others in creating this change? How do we connect events, programs and other activities to measurable outcomes and impact? 

Part 3: Being the Impactful Leader - Stewarding Change 

In the final session we focus on how to run organizations differently and more effectively. We ask the questions - How do we empower others to lead the change they wish to see? How do we identify and use leverage points to create large scale systemic change? How do we align multiple projects toward a unified goal?

Weekly Calls:
In addition to the two sessions, each participant will be assigned to a learning group with two other participants.  One 45 minute call per week is expected during the time between sessions to activate and deepen the application of what is learned each session. Comprehensive instructions will be provided in the program to guide these calls.



  • $500 for organizations with budgets under $500,000
  • $700 for organizations with budgets from $500,000-999,000
  • $900 for organizations with budgets over $1 million

Limited scholarships are available for Monterey County residents. Please email clare.margason@unitedwaymcca.org for more information