2019 Assessment Overview

2019 Assessment Overview


Our goal for the summer Community Assessment is to dialogue with 1-5% of Monterey County residents of all ages in order to shine a light on community conditions and aspirations of residents for their quality of life, including but not limited to education, income (economic self-sufficiency), and health. There are several ways that you can participate in our assessment this summer and make your voice heard:


  1. Take our survey and promote it in your community! Click here to access the survey. Make your voice heard by telling us what is important to you. What does the best version of Monterey County look like to you? Your answers will help local nonprofits, businesses, and public agencies identify the most effective ways to improve our County. Encourage others around you to take the survey so that our results will represent as much of Monterey County as possible and can best help the IMC network to establish the community priorities.

  2. Participate in a Community Conversation! The Community Conversations are a series of small group conversations we will be holding throughout the county.  In each of these conversations, 5-10 people will gather together in a relaxed, inviting environment and have a ~90 minute discussion about their aspirations for our community’s quality of life, including health, education, and financial stability. The conversations will take place in English or Spanish – depending on who participates.  To learn more about the Community Conversations and the various roles that you could fill, click here.

  3. Be interviewed as a Key Informant! Key informant interviews are qualitative in-depth interviews with people who know what is going on in the community. The purpose of key informant interviews is to collect information from a wide range of people––including community leaders, professionals, or residents––who have first hand knowledge about the community. Click here to learn more.

We would greatly appreciate your participation in our 2019 Community Assessment. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time, and for all the great work you are doing in Monterey County!