Impact Monterey County (IMC) is a collaborative effort of nonprofits, businesses, public agencies and the community working together to identify the aspirations of Monterey County residents related to education, economic self-sufficiency, and health. The benefit to our community will be the alignment of stakeholders toward common goals and measurements that improve conditions for all.

Findings from our community assesment can be downloaded or searched via this website. 

Questions about the IMC findings and community assessment process can be directed to Yuri Anderson, Vice President, Community Investments, United Way Monterey County. 

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Courtney Kemp

The 6th annual Stuff the Bus Launch Day hosted by United Way Monterey County took place on Tuesday, June 21st! Each year, Monterey County families spend close to $350 on back-to-school expenses per child. Stuff the Bus aims to ease the financial burden placed on struggling families, giving students a backpack with all the required supplies while promoting learning and helping kids stay in school. Impact Monterey County (IMC) survey data shows how important Stuff the Bus is in helping students to achieve a fulfilling, successful future. IMC surveys show that:  

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